Everyone wants to feel relaxed and secure in their home. While no one can plan for every part of the future, there are a few simple ways to reduce risks and make sure your home is a happy place to live. 

Cleaning of communal areas

We want our customers to love where they live, and we employ staff or contractors to keep these areas clean and tidy. This cost is included in any service charge that you pay. Your service charge statement will explain the services you receive in detail.

Inspection of estate and communal areas

Our Property Services Team will regularly visit estate and communal areas to carry out inspections. These inspections will include:

  • Making sure the area is free of obstructions that could cause a fire risk. 
  • Checking that contractors are maintaining your estate and communal areas are in line with the standards stated within their contact.

Your housing officer will also carry out additional checks when they are on your estate.

If something in a communal area needs repairing then please report this by calling us on 01934 526 000 (for customers in Somerset or West of England) or 0300 123 8080 (for customers in Devon or Cornwall) or report a repair online.

Using your loft in a safe way

It may be a convenient storage spot, but you should reconsider storing items in your loft. Read our guidance about using your loft in a safe way. 

Keeping your communal areas safe

Follow these steps to keep communal areas fire safe:

  • Keep communal stair and exit routes clear. Trip hazards could slow your exit. Ensure bikes, prams and recycling are removed.
  • Never store or charge a mobility scooter in a communal area.
  • Do not smoke in a communal area. This is illegal.
  • Report any objects any objects being stored in communal areas which could cause a fire.
  • Report holes in ceilings and walls, a fire could easily spread through these damaged areas.
  • Report faulty or missing alarms and equipment. Never remove any equipment put in place for fire safety. This is a criminal offence.
  • Never prop open doors in communal areas. These doors are designed to slow down the spread of fire. Some are held open by an electromagnetic lock which will unlock. automatically if the fire alarm is activated.
  • Always respond promptly to the fire alarm. Call 999 and follow the evacuation notices displayed in your building. Assist others only if you are not at risk.
  • Some communal areas do not require fire detection due to the way they are constructed.
  • Report any faults with entrance doors.