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LiveWest's customer lifestyle and experience survey 2020/21


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Slice of life report


As a social landlord, LiveWest own and manage over 38,000 homes across communities in south west England and at the heart of these homes are our customers. We recognise that to continue to improve our services, it is important we understand the challenges our customers face day to day, their experience of living in our homes and communities and their views and aspirations.

To begin to understand our customers lived experiences, during November and December 2020, we carried out our first LiveWest Slice of Life survey and this report brings together the insight we gathered from the research. To ensure that our findings were unbiased, we worked with an external research partner, IFF Research. IFF Research spoke to a random sample of our customers and during a 15-minute telephone interview asked questions about different aspects of the individuals lives, including health and wellbeing, finances and confidence using online services, amongst other areas. The picture we have been able to build takes us beyond a focus on our customers satisfaction with LiveWest as their landlord, an area where many social landlords including ourselves have tended to focus.